Ramblewood East Condominium Dispute


The purpose of this website is to spread awareness of growing concerns that are shared among owners and residents of Ramblewood East Condominium. Many concerned residents have initiated retaining a lawyer to represent the best interests of the Ramblewood East Community, and a thorough investigation in currently being undertaken.

 This website is for the general population of Ramblewood East Condominium residents containing general information about the current board members' actions. The attorney retained to represent the concerned unit owners is under the belief that the current board is involved in fraudulent and illegal activity. When the attorney retained to represent the unit owners requested financial documents from the board, they refused to produce the relevant documentation and instead used the association's attorney to withhold information. It is our belief that the current Board is trying to hide something, otherwise they would not hesitate to provide unit owners with the information requested. Whatever the case may be, this lack of transparency and authoritative control is not welcomed here in our community. In addition, there have been multiple complaints filed with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) that are pending further investigation.


  • ​The current Board President, Nick Damasceno, has hired an attorney spending between $400,000 and $500,000 of money paid by the association by the unit owners of Ramblewood East. Our maintenance money that should be used toward maintaining the property, is being used to fund the questionable activity of the current HOA. Many unit owners have asked to see the financial documentation of the HOA from this attorney and have been denied access to ANY information whatsoever. It is questionable as to whether the attorney retained by the current board is upholding their fiduciary obligation to the homeowners from whom he is being paid.

  • The current Board of Directors upon taking office, fired the management company and the HOA's accountant upon receiving office. The current president, Nick Damasceno, has enlisted his wife to perform the accounting, and claims to "volunteer" his time to manage the condominium himself full-time. Despite numerous requests, no receipts for expenses or accounting were ever released for review or verification. It is currently unknown how our maintenance money is being spent and who is benefiting from it.

  • The Ramblewood East Condominium Association's (RECA) bylaws clearly state that board members can serve no more than two consecutive terms. However, the current board has blatantly ignored these bylaws and has refused to step down from their position.

  • There is widespread concern among unit owners regarding the election process at RECA. Many unit owners have come together to protest what they believe to be election fraud being carried out by the current board President, Nick Damasceno. They assert that after taking office and firing management, he took possession of the election box key, and that ballot manipulation may be taking place prior to election day. In response to these complaints, Nick was presented with a request to have a third-party, non-biased electoral company conduct and oversea the election process. Nick responded by blatantly refusing any interference with the elections, falsely stating that the companies were not properly licensed. Nick was very adamant to refuse third-party elections and insisted to oversea the process himself, where he would potentially have direct access to the ballots.

  • When Nick Damasceno took office as president of HOA, he has opened multiple corporate entities and started to purchase units using the maintenance money collected from unit owners (money that should have went toward the upkeep and repairs of the premises). The attorney retained by the unit owners has since stated that the acquired units have caused losses to the homeowners of Ramblewood East to date of over $2,500,000.00. An excessive and unreasonable amount of maintenance money is being spent on the apartments acquired by the HOA, however, the HOA refuses to produce any documentation whatsoever regarding how the money is spent, and who is getting paid. Meanwhile, the Ramblewood East Condominium community remains in disrepair and much-needed maintenance is being neglected.

  • According to the attorney retained by concerned homeowners, the unit buyback program that was implemented by the current board, has cost Ramblewood East homeowners about $600,000.00 in losses in 2015 and expected to generate losses upwards of $500,000.00 in 2016. 

Actions Currently Being Taken:

  • A lawsuit is being filed against the current Board by the homeowners' attorney.
  • Meetings are being held in the community by unit owners to discuss and protest the homeowners' objections and concerns regarding the actions of the current Board members.

  • Homeowners are seeking to organize a fair and unbiased election process for the upcoming Board elections.

  • A special PO Box has been obtained by the homeowners so that election ballots can be mailed directly to the PO Box, to avoid any potential manipulation of votes.

  • ​A lawsuit is being filed by concerned homeowners against the current Board to enforce the bylaws and prevent the current Board members from serving another term.

  • A lawsuit is being filed by concerned homeowners against the current Board for failure to produce requested documentation regarding the corporate entities opened by the current Board.

  • Multiple complaints have been filed with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation regarding many of the issues discussed above.

  • Because Nick Damasceno has refused the homeowners' request to have a supervised election, a petition is being formed to collect 175 signatures from homeowners to have the DBPR monitor the upcoming election. However, the authority of DBPR is limited to the counting of votes, and will do little in regard to preventing ballot manipulation.